About Rob Webster

I started making photographs in 2001. I was doing graphic design work and was always frustrated by the expense and difficulty of finding good stock photography. I always thought it would be easier to just take my own. So I finally broke down and bought a camera. I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

But what began as a means to an end soon became a hobby I was passionate about. For years, I took hundreds of thousands of photographs, just because I enjoyed the process. Finding the right light, framing and cropping just so, and learning how to effectively post-process an image to bring out what I saw in my mind’s eye became my goal.

A decade later, friends would see these photos from time to time, and began to ask if I would ever be willing to sell them prints. So the pictures – landscapes, mainly – that I’d taken for myself, began to find themselves on the walls of friend’s homes. Now I’m pleased to offer a wide variety of landscape photographs to fit any style, from gritty urban scenes to grand mountain vistas. Only a small sample is included here, but if there’s a theme or setting you like, I probably have a whole series that’s similar, so reach out and ask.

In addition to landscapes, portrait work has become a growing part of my photography. It started with headshots for actors, then some weddings, and now lots of family portrait sessions. Having my own kids to practice on has certainly sharpened my skills in recent years! Portraits are a special pleasure. I know that I’ve captured a moment in time, a keepsake that will be viewed for years to come.